Wendigo Official Video Online!


Lauris Polinskis
Ivita Puzo
Edmunds Vizla
Guitars, vocals
Mārtiņš Lazdāns
Jānis Jēkabsons
Jēkabs Vilkārsis


Frailty is formed in Riga, Latvia.


Most of the band’s time is spent writing songs and playing concerts on the stages of Latvian metal underground. Frailty soon earns the respect of the audience as very promising and quality band.


Frailty starts their work on the first full length album, releasing a promo CD containing few demo tracks from the upcoming album. The band is invited to play a live show in Moscow, Russia and soon after a record deal is signed with Russian label Solitude Productions to release the first full length album of Frailty.


Frailty releases their first album Lost Lifeless Lights. The release is followed by live shows in Latvia, Lithuania and Russia. The band goes on and decides to record an EP including the songs left outside the album.


In close collaboration with Latvian underground label/promo company P3lican, Frailty releases the nameless EP containing 5 tracks. The year is full of live shows both in clubs and open air festivals in Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia and Russia.


Frailty receives two highest awards in the first ever Latvian Metal Music Award Ceremony: the Best Album 2009 (Frailty nameless EP) and the Best Band 2009. This was the highest point of the band so far.


Most of the year is spent working on the material for the second full length album. A record deal is signed with the Ukrainian label Arx Productions.


Frailty releases their second full length album Melpomene via Arx Productions.

Wendigo Official Video Online!


New official video


To celebrate our victory at Latvian Rock/Metal Music Awards we have made you all a special gift: we have made a new and official video for our song Wendigo from our award winning album Melpomene. The video will be available to you on Monday, March 4. It was directed and filmed by our own guitar genius Jēkabs who has an amaizing talent not only for guitar playing but also for making excellent photos and videos. The video will feature Santa Tiltiņa and her brother Jānis Tiltiņš as main actors. 

Due to violent and distrubing content of the video, the viewer discretion will be advised! 

Thank you all and stay Metal! 

Latvian Rock/Metal Music Awards


We confirm, that we have won in two most important nominations in Latvian Rock/Metal Music Awards - Best Album 2012 and Best Band 2012! Our thanks goes out for everyone who supported us! Keep on doomin' and don't forget to check for updates, because we have a lot to do this year. 

P.S. This Tuesday we attend the Annual Latvian Music Records Awards ceremony. Melpomene is nominated for the Best Album award in Hard Rock/ Heavy Metal category.  


Some updates...


Hey! We have been quiet for some months here, but some really intersting news are coming up. We will post them after everything will be done with Annual Latvian Music Records Awards ceremony in 26.02.2013! 



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3 Ls – pirmās divas nedēļas, sākot no 7. septembra,
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Pirmais datums ir zināms - tas ir 5. oktobris, Rīga.



1. Wendigo


Running in this ice storm
Feet has had no rest since the start
He will feed on human flesh
Teeth grin with blood
Rot, pain, gore, death

This is the dreadful night
Grave spirit’s possessed body
Wendigo wailing in the voice of the wind
Your soul will be swept away

Doom lurks behind those trees
Snow will cover the dead body
Arise from the shadows, the skeletal form
In this winter, the hunger is forever

Snow will cover my sins
Red as blood, my own blood
Voice in the wind calls our doom
I see the dead eyes burning me

This is the sad and painful truth
Grave hunger’s possessed body
Will become demonic and foul
Grim human nature, our sins red as the blood

We are the Hell, we’ll be the Death
We’ll be the Death!
We are the Hell, we’ll be the Death, we’ll be the Death,
The Hell itself!!!

2. Cold Sky

Cold Sky

Awaken under the sky
Clear sky, but so cold

Where the sky grows
The angels mourn
Their hearts are torn
Cold sky, my empty home

Faces, lost and empty shapes
You among the bitter lies
Our time is passing by
Beneath the cold grey sky

The rotting begins from inside
The light of your life,
The depths of your eyes
Unhide the horrible truth divine
We are lost to each other
Taken away by this night

3. Desolate Moors

Desolate Moors

The shadow of tonight’s insomnia
Takes me to the lonely land
Of desolate moors and silence

Away from the city lights
Forgotten the whores’ thirsty lips
Beyond the walls of glass and concrete
To much more deeper senses

Primeval and dark, unrecalled silence
Unified with memories from a bleak childhood
I came here to die, at least in my thoughts
Seeking the silence to a motionless state
The wind is the weeper above my fallen body
Cold smell of decay portraits the face of the night
Dressed in the far away echoes of memories

My song burns out upon this dark landscape
Silence is everything
She is everything

4. Underwater


His eyes, his hands
Upwards to distant sky
Coldness is eternal
Darkness is not a blessing
Pressure he endures
Underwater, away from sight
Without his children
His name is effigy to them

His thoughts above the liquid
To the wretched shore where they live
Cast him in, the darkness calls his name
Forget the time when he was something else
Than stone...

The will to live
Arise anew and be
The deep is pulsing
Echoes silent, agonizing
Darkness may be a blessing
Coldness his dearest friend
His children equal scum
His name is strange to them

5. Onegin's Death (Instrumental)
6. The Doomed Halls of Damnation

The Doomed Halls of Damnation

Enter the doomed halls
Of eternal damnation
Where your nothingness
Meets its end
Dreadful chambers of agony
Putrefied mass to cover your body
Sorrow is like a tender mother to care
When all is lost, this sadness remains...

Majesty in this end of yours
Embrace the destiny of martyrdom
Madness is carried within the streams of life
To rule your thoughts with an iron whip
Enchained in unmerciful coldness
Crying for the loved ones who are gone
Mystery of eternal sleep of nightmares
Is carried away with the flow of the rivers
To the gray oceans polluted with tears

7. Eternal Emerald

Eternal Emerald

Sing the ageless song
Brake the chains of reason
The sword in your hand
Will guide you through

Christened by blood
The life-giving sparkle won’t fade
The eternal emerald shines
Old fairy tales return from the dust

Decay and the rust won’t break the heart
You will never die in my dreams
If something is truly forever
It’s the fire between us

Sing the ageless song
Brake the chains of reason
The sword in your hand
Will guide you through
The night is feral
The trees seem alive
Howling of nightmares
Dead shadows you must fight

Enthralled by your eyes
This sorrow is mine
All this pain is mine
Cry for me when the winds come
The storms never die
The storms never die

I wept for my loss of this moment
The magical chalice lies broken
Grieve over light that is stolen
The kingdom of dreams has fallen

Christened by blood
The life-giving sparkle won’t fade
The eternal emerald shines
Old fairy tells return from the dust

Decay and the rust won’t break the heart
You will never die in my dreams
If something is truly forever
It’s the fire between us

8. Thundering Heights

Thundering Heights

Towards where
The gods and eagles dare
Away from this curse
Of infinite pain
The thundering heights,
Above the mankind’s creation
Cold Olympus
In mortal visions of desperation

Breastfed with bloody milk to make them heroes
Raised to make a stand for something

Remember how you were down
Amid the ignorant crowd

Oh, the solemn majesty
Of high mountains
Dreams rush to your
Powerful silence
We kneel and we die
We are all ashamed...
Knowing our hidden weakness

(Struggles brought to naught by the higher hand
Close your eyes repent and bleed)

Remember how you were down
Amid the ignorant crowd

I would kill my brother
Just to get higher above them
I would betray my father
Just to see that the stars are mine
Nothing is sacred when we climb up
The mountain of these earthly treasures
Flesh and gold, swords and pride
Commit your soul to the fire
Remember how you were down
Amid the ignorant crowd!

9. The Cemetery of Colossus (Instrumental)
Lost Lifeless Ligths
1. I know your pain

I know your pain

I know your pain
Like no one else does
I’ll stay with you
Until your silence comes

Wind talks in the grass
Beneath our feet
Above our heads
In the weeping trees

I’ll stay with you
On this day we lost
We paid the price
That we feared most

Gone is the joy
Into the Stygian void
The sky bleeding the rain
The soil shutters in pain

I know you all
Like no one else does
So it makes it easy
To kiss last goodbye
Kill you in sadness
But still keeping the smile…

2. Ariadne


Ariadne, sweet angel of mine
The light of the stars hides in your eyes
Ariadne, sweet angel of mine
Will your death be mine?

Bleeding for you, as you cry for me
Silent your waters are rest here with me
Crestfallen are your nightfall eyes
Celestial tears like the stars in the night
Autumnal darkness of sin and of woe
Kissing the frailty of your dreams
Emptiness and the passionate soul
God’s heavy hand to bring your sleep

Ariadne, sweet angel of mine
Secrets and horrors hides in your mind
Ariadne, sweet angel of mine
Let your death be mine

Ariadne, dark angel of mine
Let your darkness be mine
Ariadne, dark angel of mine
Will in our death we be entwined?

3. The River of Serpents

The River of Serpents

My river of serpents, innocence is your name
When dawn entwines me in its cold dew
The grass awakes the serpent’s dream

Oh, mournful eyes, lust is gone
Forever seems the cold morning mist
The river of mine, waters of black hate
Pure am I, I saw a ghost of her dying light

(The river, it crawls close to me...
And serpents are all around my forlorn shade
Haunting me, the whispering of ghosts

The longing won’t stop, my raven heart
The grass whispers, the mist is my veil
Of innocence and of my hate...)

Take me down, let me be free
In my river of serpent dreams
Tending the cold caresses, my mournful eyes
My suffering is your time...

(The longing won’t stop, light descends
Of suffering he is born, the shade of man
He once was... he once was a light...)

4. The Fall of Eve

The Fall of Eve

Bleak sculptures in the twilight of the fall
Beyond beauty are the visions of mine
Dark is the majestic crown of autumn fade
Such a strange song weeps in my mind

Glory of past days when we ruled
A thousand battles did we won by sword
My brothers lay down in death
Tarnished their armor, souls forgotten by time
By time…

Recall who I was
Damnation we gained
In the season of fall
Desolation I reap
Fade to salvation, inside is the pain
No hope for future, night takes the day

5. Graphics in Ebony

Graphics in Ebony

She takes me down. Crushing, burning
Never released. Destiny fading
Her mind is darkened. Bleakness, forgiveness

For your fall. Insane, black hearted
So far away. Desolate, mesmerized
Sleep to be free. Atrocity, savagery
In her heart

To the silent gloom
I give up my hope
Lunatic eyes
Stare at me
Count the restless dreams
Spent drinking the poison
Misery takes me
Over again…

Home far away, lights forgotten
For hours I have been breathing
The tranquility of the dark forest
I have never seen it before
And I go deeper in the shadows
Searching for her horrors
Insanity that brought me to my knees

And there she was
Pure evil substance
Black like the raven
Slimy and cold

Bright graphics in ebony
Her eyes burning with fever
All the horrors I’ve known
All brought my doom

To the silent gloom
I give up my hope
Lunatic eyes
Stare at me
Count the restless dreams
Spent drinking the poison
Misery takes me
Over again…

6. A summer to die

A summer to die

Nature’s own heart.
Behold, the true redemption!
Days passing by, resting alone.
Sweet light and a perfect summer to die.
Her love is a thorn. In my own heart.
And the heat flows like a stream...
To drink her up.
To know her deep.
Watching her.
Wanting her.
Taking her body.
Sweet light and a perfect summer to die...

7. The Scorn

The Scorn

Take my eyes
I cannot watch myself
In this tomb of pain
Farewell, my love

Hurting mind, blackened heart
I am a vessel of hate itself
Fallen god, mindless herd
Searing flames ascend
Destruction… of wisdom
Flowers wither beneath our feet
As we die the slow death
Entwined… forever

Take my eyes
I cannot watch myself
In this tomb of pain
Farewell, my love

Stay with me, don’t let me go
It’s cold and dark, say you won’t leave
Stars will fall, we will die
Not a tear will be shed for us…

1. Silent Winter

Silent Winter

Stain my eyes with guilt
One winter’s day it all be gone
Bless the mournful eve
One secret kiss and shame to feel
The bleak that I must know
And passion lost beneath the sea
For I am the silver blade
To cut you deep and fade with thee
God to raise the weak
Again this rain and hate in me
Grief fall on every man
An endless pain in shadow’s sleep

Lost within the hateful visions.
Strangled child in the crowd of liars.
Whores stripping before me.
Inside the walls of this mighty castle
The frost bites deep the trembling soul.
Agony is poured upon the silent winter
Where are you now, my true Lord?
White snow like heaven’s saddest tears

All mercy fading inside the wretched heart
Slay my emotion and cry to my death
Feel the chill inside the desolate soul
Wasteland of frozen thorns

Bear the light, the lonesome flame
Into the night to rise the day
Choking fool to gather the rays
Death is love and all in vein

Silent winter’s day
One touch to see the pain is real
Cry for life once lost
A drop of blood on pure white snow

2. Black Phoenix

Black Phoenix

Sentenced to silence, blamed for all sins
Reaching to darkness, burning my skin
Saved by no one, forgotten instead
One sacred angel, one sold to the hell

Rivers of fire will burn
My final damnation to torn
In blindness of joy I reborn
To dream again of my fall

Burning in fever, holy I become
My religion is fire, endless I become
Devils and angels, the pit and the cloud
My ashes and dust, feeding the cursed ground

Rivers of fire will burn
My final damnation to torn
In blindness of joy I reborn
To dream again of my fall

Walk with me, burn with me
Into this lake of thousand flames
Let yourself to drink my pain
Swallow it up and be empty again

Rivers of fire will burn
My final damnation to torn
In blindness of joy I reborn
To dream again of my fall

3. Scarlet prophecy

Scarlet prophecy

From the voice of the beast
And of the broken beggar
Thy ocean shatters, the waters spits storm
Bleeding into the heart, pure blood
Poisonous nectar gods feast upon
It bleeds into you

Girl has been made for the lust
Womanly virtues are shed with the tears
Oh, this torment in passions war
Playful whore, sinful bitch, your love
Hold her, no one else but her

It bleeds into you…
For all times that are gone
Close the black eyes of the eve
For the time you spent crying for me
Close the starring eyes, and become a fool
For me, bleeding

Loneliness, emptiness, sickness.
Merciless bastards, vicious dogs mauling
Your flesh, holding your breath
Lord, please hear the cry of your child
Even if he is filth, even if she’s a whore

And I will walk in the serenity’s meadows
Slipping among the temples of Christ
And I will watch how my ocean enrage
Down on your earth, bleeding into your eyes

4. The Shining

The Shining

The devil outside and sorrow enters my home
Waiting so silent and black hours pass
Tearing my mind from my dying soul

They come, they go and kill
The wretched shades after the rain
In this world a dying stare
I can’t help you to your grave
No one calling my name
Filthy man designed for blame
Reborn once again from the dust
To strive once more for the lust

The devil outside and emptiness rise
Waiting so silent to my demise
Licking my wounds and caressing me

They come, they go and kill
The wretched shades after the rain
In this world a dying stare
I can’t help you to your grave

Daggers like teeth bites my body
Savaged by their anger and hatred
Scorned by the world to the end

Lock away the silent cry
See the light so deep inside
Whore and liar dressed in blight
Eyes are closed mouth cannot sigh…

5. A Flower in the Dark Tide

A Flower in the Dark Tide

Tell me all your sins
I will be in your soft dream
I will try all your delights
Then caress your sleeping face

What do you feel when I am inside?
In your room, resting in your chair.
Watching you moving at the silent sound of your heart.
Talking to your cat, and ignoring your presence.

In your room the pictures of sadness
Hang on the walls, hiding the holes
There is nothing to do at your home
But to sit and to stare at your misery
Careless for the lives of the people
Sick mindless bastards, young and too old
In their homes, in their beds
Filth and ashes from the broken hopes
All are washed away by the tide to the sea
Crushing demons from the deep, burning pit
Stand at your doors, crawl in your bed
They beg you to tell them a short fairy tale
Before the endless, torturing sleep
They are like you. I feast upon you.
You take my life. I let you.